Demokwekerij Westland Facilitates TTO and takes a part of the organisation on their account.

TTO stands for Horticulture Technical Development and is a growers society who focusses on new innovation projects in the greenhouse/horticulture sector. The goal of TTO is working together on innovation projects on the area of Technical or Grow technical renewing’s. The starting point with this is called Bottom-up innovating, which means that treats or changes be picked up by a group of growers. TTO is a Spin-off of the study group tomato, study group paprika and the innovation group from FormFlex. These groups will still exist.

TTO has got a small committee which come together monthly, within this committee different growers are represented. Only growers can become a member of TTO. At the moment TTO got 65 members with a total area of 1100ha.

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