A program specially tailored for you
Continuous training and educating your future employees is really important to your company. It is essential to you and your organisation to connect with business life and the developments and innovations within the sector. Demokwekerij Westland can help you with this and offers various national and international training programs tuned to your needs. In other words: ‘A program specially tailored for you’.

  • Programs from a few days up to a few weeks or a few months.
  • In the Netherlands or on location abroad
  • For groups but also for individuals
  • From an introduction training about the horticulture sector with basic elements up to training programs for cultivation experts
  • Focused on:
    • Cultivation (botany)
    • Greenhouse technique (hardware/software)
    • Business processes (hardware, organisation and HRM)

These themes are implemented into the different modules of our training programs, therefore they are very practical and give a good base for the implementation of theoretical knowledge of the horticulture sector. A training programs contains theoretically and practical components (and tours/excursions when training program is in the Netherlands) which are connected to the theoretically explanation given.

Subject ‘Cultivation’
This part of the training program will focus on the cultivation (botany) aspects of the day-to-day operations. The participants experience during the training the different principles of cultivation, so they can get an insight into cultivation strategies, climate controlling in the greenhouse and water and heating systems. The program is focused on the plant, of course in combination and coordination with the greenhouse and the needed (greenhouse) techniques. The training answers the following questions: What is needed for cultivation? How do you organise the cultivation? How do you cultivate successfully and which decisions takes the one involved to have a good running nursery?

Subject ‘Greenhouse Technology’
The training program given by Demokwekerij Westland will focus on the technical aspects of the day-to-day operations. Participants are getting insights into the technology, possibilities, how it works, maintenance and management. Next to that they learn why these technologies are used, and how they can be implemented into the horticulture practice in a successful way. The training program will give answers to the questions: How is a greenhouse designed and configured? Which technologies and applications are used? With what purpose and how are things implemented?

Subject ‘Business aspects’
Next to cultivation and technology, the participants also can get insight within business processes and financial aspects of a nursery. The training answers (in general) the following questions: what are the needed investments? what are sales and costs (per/m2)? and how does one get to the business model?

Train de trainer program
We also organize train-the trainer-programs; for persons who are involved in setting up a training or educational program in horticulture in their country and are appointed as trainer(s) for this program. In the train-the trainer-program there will be special focus on didactical skills and horticultural knowledge and experience.

Training facility
Demokwekerij Westland offers a pleasant and inspiring environment for sharing knowledge. Demokwekerij Westland has a cosy reception area for relaxation and divers spacious and comfortable equipped meeting- presentation- and college facilities. The research and demonstration area at Demokwekerij Westland will be used during the training to put the theoretically knowledge of the program in practical perspective. This makes it possible to visualize and experience the models which are included in the program.

More information and contact

Are you interested in what you read here and do you want to know more about this subject? Do you have a question or idea and can we do something for you? You’ll find more information about our (inter)national training programs here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ll have any questions. Contact details: +31 (0)174-385600 or info@demokwekerij.nl