The platform focusses on the need of growers and technical suppliers to work together on high worth technological applications within the horticulture sector. Through concrete and clear formulated innovation, project work is done on the development of applicable robotics within the sector. The platform supercharges the needed innovation strength in the sector.

Platform function
Growers and technical suppliers can register themselves at the robotics platform with their questions about the practical side of the greenhouse – on the area of labour in the greenhouse and making this automatic. Based on the question and a logical approach, the Robotica platform Horticulture searches, together with the involved growers, the needed technical solutions.

Phase 1.

  • Inviting and bringing growers together
  • Tour through the robotics exposition area and discussion about applications and technologies.
  • Discuss and hunt down the practical challenges and needs of the grower(s)

Phase 2.

  • Clarifying the questions by making a process inventory at the greenhouse
  • Formalise innovation project and the idea/concept development

The platform states, together with the growers, the common thread of the innovation project. Representatives of the platform will visit the involved growers for the needed process inventory. It is important to know everything about the practical situation and to find the questions behind the asked question. The process information- like which proceedings know the process, it’s duration, involved people, amount of product – is the starting point within the reflection and the further elaboration of the possible automation.

Phase 3.

  • Conducting experiments for the critical factors in the possible technical solution.
  • Technical feasibility tests at knowledge institutions (when needed)
  • Searching for and bringing together of technical suppliers which qualify to realise the worked out solutions and implement this in the greenhouse.

The critical parts of the chosen development will be, in corporation with the growers, made and tested at Demokwekerij Westland.

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