Demokwekerij Westland has several years experience with executing and guiding reserach on different horticultural subjects. To execute these researches, Demokwekerij Westland has 36 different compartments, each wit hits own climate control system. Every compartment can be made suitable for any horticultural crop thinkable.

Our compartment charasteristics: Greenhouse type Venlo, 8 meters bar, Width size 4,5 meters
Our compartments are divided with these measurements:

  • 108 square meters
  • 128 square meters
  • 144 square meters
  • 156 square meters
  • 180 square meters
  • 610 square meters

Next to these compartments, we have a small nursery chamber, where proofs of principles can be executed.

We like to help you with our thoughts, let us know if you do look for different capacities or facilities. Please contact us for further information.