WPS is the specialist designing, realizing and implementing efficient logistics solutions for the horticulture. In less than 20 years, WPS has developed an excellent reputation in the international greenhouse horticulture and plant research sectors.

The vision of WPS: There’s always room for improvement in business processes. So we offer smart logistics systems that improve your bottom line. Based on the best practices of hundreds of horticultural businesses and plant researchers. We use tried-and-tested technologies to develop reliable, tailor-made solutions.

A grasp of our solutions for horticulture:

  • SmartFlo: the SmartFlo conveyor belt series consists of several modules that are connected online. This allows you to tailor the system exactly to your own business operational needs.
  • Sorting and Delivering: The more often pot plants are sorted during growing, the more uniform the end result will be. A WPS sorting system put an end to time-consuming manual work.
  • Vision: WPS use smart Vision technology. In just one millisecond, a vision system checks every pot plant for the aspects that are crucial for your crop. The benefit? Optimum uniformity – from plant height to the number of blooms.
  • Robotics: WPS is constantly working on improving logistics solutions. The innovations at WPS make it able to use industrial robots, e.g. for transferring and spacing the plants, instead of linear robots.

Looking for a logistics solution? Or do you think your processes can be more efficient? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ll have any questions. www.wps.eu/en