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Logo VB-groep websiteVB Group is a conglomerate of several VB operating companies with more than 50 years of experience in realizing project solutions for greenhouse horticulture and energy solutions for the building industry. Our group of companies includes eight individual VB entities and together we work with 40 enthusiastic colleagues on many interesting projects in the Netherlands and several other countries. Our company focuses on mutual collaboration and flexibility in the cooperation with each other and our customers. VB Group highly values building and maintaining a good relationship with the customer and we aim to further improve the quality of our corporate organization. In addition, we have the goal to be profitable and we want to achieve this by being corporate social responsible.


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The world population is growing and there is an increasing demand for healthy, fresh, safe food and attractive ornamental plant cultivation products. Climate change is a ‘hot’ topic and results in a growing demand for covered cultures worldwide. Local for local production is being preferred over transporting vegetables and/or plant cultivation products over large distances. How to economically deal with fossil fuels and finding sustainable solutions for future generations are our daily challenges. VB Group is able to create smart and appropriate solutions on all of the above trends. It is our aim is to stay active in our Dutch home market for the top companies in greenhouse horticulture, while the already acquired knowledge can be applied in other sectors within the Netherlands and on the other hand can be exported to other countries.

VB Group is proud partner of Demokwekerij Westland and will present her specific skills in the new location of Demokwekerij.