The Greenhouse Field lab is a laboratory (test garden) for innovation in the greenhouse. TNO work in the Horticulture greenhouse with new developments for growers and suppliers. It is housed in Demokwekerij Westland Honselersdijk, a familiar place in the middle of the “Westland area”. Entrepreneurs are welcome to discuss their ideas for innovations.

• An experimental unit for testing innovations in a practical situation. The greenhouses are equipped with energy screens, airing vents, cooling and dehumidification, lighting and CO2 control. The greenhouses can be equipped with soilless cultivation on gutters, or moving tables. Also multilayer growing is one of the many possibilities. Cultivation is done in collaboration with grower groups, in cooperation with students from INHolland or other growers.
• Compact greenhouse unit of about 2 m2 for low-cost small-scale experiments, often in close collaboration with students from INHolland.
• Hardware unit to demonstrate and test new techniques. You can think of new water filters, pumps, spray equipment, etc.
• Workshop for technical adjustments and small construction work

Discussion of innovative ideas
During a visit to the Horticulture greenhouse please feel free to discuss your innovative ideas. Besides personal interviews, it is also possible to submit a specific theme to a group of growers or a consortium of companies.

Opportunities for cooperation
Depending on the idea there are several approaches possible. . This can be through a test in one of the greenhouses at the Horticulture Field lab or a research project at TNO. These are our options:
• You can put your innovative technical system in one of our units and have it tested by the experts from TNO;
• An innovation voucher enables you to have your question answered by TNO;

starting the project
If it is your choice to have a new technique tested, we determine how the test can be performed. Then we draw up a quote with the costs, the duration of the trial and the start date of the trial. Then, the client, who will accompany the production and the test starts. Alternatively, the test can be confidentially or publicly performed.

Test, and evaluation results
During the test, the results and the course of the experiment are being frequently discussed. Later on the results are reported and published as desired. The results are discussed with you and your customers about the potential of new technology to adopt.

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