Innovative climate and screen solutions

With passion for quality Svensson can build on a tradition going back to the year 1887. Nowadays more than hundred sorts of climate screens are produced in the factories of Svensson. From ‘controlling’ the sunlight, to saving energy there are screens or a combination of screens, tailored to each type of crop.

The more specific the screen solution is, the more profitable a grower can work. Svensson has divided the screens in five product families. Five solutions for an better climate. It is with the five screen families easier to select the right screen and thereby achieve the exact screen level and the required energy saving.

A climate where crops can grow under ideal conditions contributes to an optimal operating result. And that is exactly the perfect ‘climate’ where we like to advise and assist. Like no other Svensson got specialised knowledge about screens in homes. For a personal advise and for the most favorable growing climate and maximum efficiency the specialist of Svensson can help you:

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