Quality, innovation and knowledge: the three pillars of Revaho’s success.

Where there’s water in the greenhouse industry, you’ll find Revaho, which started in 1937 as an irrigation lines installation company (the name of “Revaho” is composed of the initial letters of “REgeninstallaties VAn HOlstein”, which translates as Van Holstein irrigation systems). Revaho is nowadays an importer/wholesale dealer and producer of a complete irrigation range in the broadest sense of the word. The Revaho premises are in the ‘Coldenhove’ industrial area in Maasdijk, the Netherlands.

Revaho aims at supplying a total package of high-quality irrigation products for the agricultural sector and at ensuring optimum use of its products by means of innovation and transfer of knowledge.

The total package not only includes well-known branded products such as Netafim drippers, DAN sprinklers, Amiad filters etc., but also a wide range of appendages, PVC and PE tubes, wire hooks, injectors, glues, etc. etc.

Of course, Revaho’s high-quality standards also apply to the latter less conspicuous products. Where possible, new products are added to the range in a process of continuous improvement. After all, a total irrigation system is only as strong as the weakest link.

Revaho is active in the fields of information and research, both at home and abroad. Quality products and innovation alone are not enough to guarantee optimal efficiency for the user. Knowledge about use, maintenance etc. also plays an important role. Revaho transfers such knowledge by means of seminars, info material and open days.

Revaho has several subsidiaries, amongst other in Great Britain, Romania. Finally, Revaho works in close cooperation with various local partners in Eastern Europe for outdoor irrigation supplies and greenhouse renovation. Revaho Agro Services is responsible for this.

Drip Irrigation

One of Revaho’s specialities is the complete delivery of pre-assembled drip systems. In order to meet the high quality requirements, Revaho decided to produce its own PE tubes in a subsidiary company: NAFF. This enables Revaho to work according to stricter standards and test procedures than before, thus ensuring smooth use of the drip systems for many years under the most extreme conditions.

Revaho now operates 21 (semi-)automatic machines for assembly of the drip systems. Revaho can rightly claim to be a trendsetter in the field of drip irrigation.