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Priva helps you to create a climate for growth. Priva’s climate control and process optimization products and services help you to improve your operation. We provide expertise in essential operating processes, enabling you to control these in the most effective way, with maximum re-use of water and minimum use of energy. We are a global company working closely with our customers so as to respect local stakeholders and conditions. This is our approach to increase return and sustainability.

Priva Connext: the process computer for lasting growth

Priva Connext is the culmination of 50 years’ experience in horticulture. The process computer connects and controls all processes in your company and enables you to optimise them further. It helps you create the most optimal growing conditions for your crop, enabling you to take control of your energy facility. Climate controls are supplied as standard with a large number of optimised options like air handling, ventilation, heating, CO2 quantity management.

You also have control over your water supplies including fertilizer doses.

Priva Office Direct the user-friendly operating platform of Priva process computer provides an overview of all processes with a clear visual display. With Connext, we offer a reliable platform that can communicate with modern peripheral hardware such as intelligent motors, shading screens and a wide variety of sensors. For customers using an Intégro process computer, installing a Priva Connext into the automation environment is simplicity itself.

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