A global network, bringing together the manufacture, marketing and sales of the most comprehensive range of flow control products in the world.

The organization markets technically advanced valve, actuator, instrumentation and control from group-owned manufacturing operations across the world, including internationally brand names. Keystone, Biffi, Tyco, Sapag, Winn, Vanessa, Whessoe, Crosby.

Johnson Pump Horticulture

SPX Process Equipment NL B.V., Johnson Pump Horticulture, with its Johnson Pump brand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps for greenhouse use.

Thanks to our many years of pump experience, we  know the horticulture market well.That’s why so many dealers, installation companies   and growers trust us to provide solutions for pumping needs.We know that greenhouses need reliable temperature control.

Therefore the performance of your circulation pumps is of paramount

importance.You depend upon the duty of your circulation pumps.

Do like many others – Choose a Johnson Pump!