Pellikaan Gewasklemsystemen manufactures innovative products and solutions that contribute to an efficient, sustainable use of labour in the horticulture industry. At Pellikaan we help customers optimise their crop production work processes with the aim of getting them running smoothly and avoiding peaks in demand for labour.
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The Qlipr system is Cor Pellikaan’s most well-known innovation. This sustainable, efficient plant clamping system has more than earned its place in cucumber production, with over 20 million plants worldwide already supported with the Qlipr system. This system also delivers excellent results in tomato production, and we are currently working on making Qlipr suitable for other crops and cultivation systems.

The Qlipr system, which consists of a 120 cm crop hook and two stainless steel clips, is easy to use and labour-saving, not least because it enables several plant handling processes to be easily combined into one. It also has sustainability benefits: it leaves no plastic or string residues in the spent crop.

A completely different product, but one with endless marketing potential – that’s Qutefruit, a plastic mould that shapes cucumbers into a trendy heart-shaped snack.

It takes just a few days for the cucumbers to grow into a heart shape, enabling growers to respond quickly to market demand. What’s more, unlike other heart shapes the Qutefruit mould is quick and easy to apply and the fruit is just as quick and easy to remove. So this product will fit seamlessly into any grower’s efficient business processes!

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