Let’s Grow is the online platform for registration and analysis of cultivation- and management information within the horticulture sector. By bringing together climate details, growth numbers and images LetsGrow.com becomes a powerful tool for the whole sector, as well in floristry cultivation as in vegetable cultivation.

LetsGrow.com has been active since 2000 with unlocking data from nurseries and translating this to usable information. Throughout the years the online platform has grown a lot, a lot more users but also more functionalities. Through the online platform you can see the details of the greenhouse climate, the crop, the labour and the energy usage.

The data comes from various sources like the climate computer (it doesn’t matter which brand), sensors, software of sales companies, etc. By making the data in various way insightful and giving the possibilities to share it with others, Let’s grow can make usable information from raw data.

LetsGrow.com platform is used by various client groups. Growers use the platform to compare their cultivation details with other growers. Other companies use it to make their details insightful for their offices at a different location. Research companies can have their researchers, growers and cultivation advisors watch the data of the cultivation progress and strategy from their customers from any place they want.

The tight and client focused team is always standing ready for questions about the possibilities and use of our platform. If you have any questions you can reach us through www.letsgrow.com!