MBO – Green
With this education you can get to work in the entire green industry. The green sector in the Netherlands is very important. The horticulture sector and the Westland region belong together. Vegetable and flower cultivation can be found everywhere in this area. The Westland area plays a major role in the world . But the horticulture and green sector are not standing still. Greenhouses are getting much bigger and there using more and more technology. Flower arrangements also becomes more exciting , think dressing up public buildings, meeting rooms and conferences. Because of these changes there is a growing need for professionals. People who have knowledge of modern methods and who need a challenge.

Horticultural Technics & Management
We live in a society where technology will play an increasingly important role. We also see this directly in the horticultural sector. Dutch horticulture entrepreneurs have modern , high-tech companies . The companies are becoming larger and more and complex . They work with the latest technologies and almost everything is computerized. A great industry to work in , because the horticulture sector is evolving and got a good reputation international. Because of these changes, there is a growing need for professionals. People who have the knowledge about modern cultivation methods and who need a challenge.