Over 55 years ago development and production of the first Jiffy peat pot started providing the horticultural industry with a new innovative growing container. Since then Jiffy Products has kept innovating and growing, expanding its product line to the extensive array of high quality rooting products you find presented in this new international Jiffy catalogue.

The horticultural industry has gone through a rapidly changing development since the first Jiffy peat pot was introduced, however Jiffypot has remained a favorable option for many growers worldwide. Entering into a new era where biodegradability, recycling and environmental concerns are more and more on the minds of consumers and growers alike, the next generations of Jiffypot are sure to find a place in the horticultural industry for many years to come.

To accommodate to the modern grower needs, most of today’s Jiffy products are designed for use with the automation systems found in today’s greenhouse environment. Jiffy Autopot, Carefree carrier tray systems and Preforma plug system are all systems specially developed by Jiffy and highly suitable to work in combination with automatic handling and transplanting equipment. Preforma is one of the most flexible propagation systems available in the horticultural industry and, like all other Jiffy products, distributed worldwide. Propagation substrates of the Tref GO standard range and the Tref Smart range are also part of the delivery program of Jiffy. These quality substrates can be delivered in several packaging as well as optional transport possibilities, always fitting your needs and meeting your standards.

New products have been added reflecting the customer’s need for innovative renewable environmentally friendly solutions, such as coco substrates , derived from pithy tissues of coconut husks. Currently Jiffy carries a full line of Coco Jiffy pellets, Growblocks and Growbags for the hydroponic industry and the Jiffy CD for the cultivation of Gerbera’s and more. New products are always under development as Jiffy strives to keep adding innovative growing solutions.