Hortilux Schréder develops and manufactures supplemental lighting installations for the glasshouse horticulture. We offer a wide range of light fittings, lamps and reflectors for a perfect light distribution. We develop lighting plans for cultivation-oriented applications, we advise in the field of installation, optimum use and maintenance. We are constantly involved in research, new developments and improvements.

Hortilux’ strength lies in how it translates growers’ requirements and new insights into cultivation techniques and technical possibilities into reliable products.

Our products such as our HSE 1000Watt, HSE 600Watt, HS2000 and our newest HSX and HSE NXT fixtures are technical top-quality products with minimum shade effects, a high energy yield, an optimum light output and maximum lifespan.

Thanks to our range of reflectors, amongst which the newest Bèta and Zèta reflector, a perfect light distribution creates the best result for every situation.

Hortilux Schréder is part of Dool Industries. Dool Industries is a group of individual businesses that together form a ‘family of businesses’.

The businesses operate in the fields of supplemental lighting for the horticultural sector, lighting for livestock breeding, top quality assembly and development, energy management and electrical engineering.

These businesses want to set the tone in the market in which they operate by combining the resources.


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