De Gier Drive Systems develops and manufactures a complete range drive systems for the horticultural and agricultural sectors. That is to say,  we produce motor gearboxes and rack and pinion systems. Our products are used in a number of applications, such as driving ventilation or screening systems, hoisting heating tubes and feed- and drink lines.

We are problem solvers. When standard products won’t do, we just develop something new. We always do this in close contact with the client, because together we can reach further.

In addition, De Gier Drive Systems stands out from its competitors because of:

  • Our Intensive and innovative product development
  • The consistent high quality level
  • The reliability of our products
  • The reliability of our organization
  • Our motivated and skilled personnel
  • Our worldwide network of dealers and distributors for sales inquiries, advice and service

For more information you can have a look at our website: