Growing insight
What is the greatest challenge you face as an agricultural entrepreneur? To increase output, to streamline production, improve effi ciency or to reduce your environmental impact? These are some of the main challenges facing the agricultural sector, both on a corporate and entrepreneurial level. We at Eurofins agro can help you grow profi tably and organically in an ever changing global industry.

The Eurofins agro promise
We help you collect the right data and providing insight into: soil and crop health, fertilisation, feed value and food safety. As leading laboratory in the agricultural sector we provide innovative analyses and clear, case-specific advice, to help you manage your production process. Your livestock or crops get exactly what they need, and you are guaranteed the highest possible yield and quality at the lowest possible cost.

 Working proudly to achieve growth
Eurofins agro wants to serve every entrepreneur who devotes himself with heart and soul to his farm and who feels a deep connection and responsibility for the environment. In a competitive global industry, it is critical to have accurate and specifi c data to ensure optimal crops while minimizing your environmental footprint. This requires accurate and timely data and advice. As a growing, international organisation with almost 100 years of experience, we offer innovative solutions to your agricultural needs. Our innovative products and services are the result of everyday, practical knowledge supporteEurofins Agrod by scientifi c research. We cannot give you greater certainty, but we can give you greater insight with the prospect of profi table growth – growth that you can be proud of.