Shandong Province, AgriGarden, Lentiz Education Group and Demokwekerij Westland sign MoU to develop Chinese Knowledge Centre.

Monday, 26th of June, the Chinese delegation from Shandong Province arrived at Demokwekerij Westland to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), together with AgriGarden, Lentiz and Demokwekerij Westland.

The goal of the MoU is to jointly develop a Horticultural a Knowledge and Demonstration Centre where Dutch companies and knowledge institutes can share their experience and expertise with Chinese researchers, students and growers, in order to stimulate the high tech horticultural production of the Shandong Province and to contribute with this strategic goal to sustainability, food security and profitability. The Shandong Province is located below Beijing, near the coast, with roughly 97 million inhabitants.

The World Horti Center that is now under construction in Westland will act as an inspiring example for this project and will be connected to the Chinese centre for exchange of knowledge and experiences and to enhance economic activities between the Dutch and Chinese companies and organisations. The four parties have started the elaboration of the concept and will make the first actual steps within a short period with the design of a joint training program in horticultural practises.

In presence of Westland mayor Sjaak van der Tak, the MoU was signed by (on picture, from left to right): Frits Veltkamp (Director International Projects Lentiz), Wei Lingling (President of Agrigarden), Yang Tongzhu (Deputy Director of Demonstration Area of Agricultural High-tech industry in Yellow River Delta) and Peet van Adrichem (Director Demokwekerij Westland).


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