Van der Windt Verpakking; new participant at Demokwekerij Westland

Year-round showroom of the Dutch horticultural sector

BASIS LOGO VDWVan der Windt is a leading international player in the world of packaging and disposables. Van der Windt supplies over 15,000 items among the floriculture, AGF, food and non-food industry, wholesale, cleaning and care. Customers benefit from a one-stop shop. This means: one familiar point of contact for all forms of packaging.

Van der Windt Verpakkingen is connected as a participant at Demokwekerij Westland because we understand the importance of connecting education with business. Therefor the combination of Demokwekerij Westland toghether with MBO Westland under one roof is ideal. We also like to contribute to the professionalization of the Dutch horticulture and we like to connect with breeders from The Netherlands and abroad.” Said Bernard van der Valk of Van der Windt Verpakkingen.

Van der Windt Verpakkingen has been the specialist in packaging solutions over 45 years, including the flower and plant industry. We supply a complete range of horticultural packaging, direct from stock. Our range includes flower and plant covers, foils, Danish boxes, display boxes, plant trays and advanced packaging.

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