Demokwekerij Westland demonstrates the latest technologies regarding to Inhouse Technology. Our 40 participating companies each represent a specific part of the required products for building a top of the line greenhouse. Everything that is needed for building a greenhouse can be found at Demokwekerij Westland!

Our demonstration area is constantly being renewed, as soon as a participating company has a new innovation it is showcased in our demonstration area. If you would like to see the actual innovation put into practice, an appointment can be made with the participating company.

Throughout the years the horticulture in the Netherlands kept developing at a high pace. From flat glass and brick wall greenhouses in the 1960’s to modern greenhouses up to 7 metres tall.
This development can also be seen in the total area of greenhouses. In 1960 the total horticultural surface was around 4000 hectares, in 2012 it has risen to 10.500.

These innovations are driven on one hand by wanting to grow at an optimal level, whilst optimizing water usage, biology, energy, environment and labour. On the other hand, changing consumer demands for a nicer, cleaner, more tasting and healthier product have also driven innovations higher.

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