More than 200 growers at Crop protection days

On the 13th, 14th and the 19th of April the crop protection days found a place at Demokwekerij Westland. In collaboration with Van Iperen, Brinkman, Horticoop and several suppliers of these trading companies, Demokwekerij Westland organized these days.

With a turnout of more than 200 enthusiastic visitors we look back at three successful crop protection days. Each trading company had a separate day, whereby they gave the possibility, to their clients, to catch up and discuss the crop protection for the cultivation.

Next to a presentation from Demokwekerij Westland and from the trading company, visits had been made in small groups to the cultivation departments and crop protection research area. As well as crop protection, Robotica in the horticulture was one of the subjects of the day. The knowledge days, which also count towards extending spraying licenses, will be held again in September 2016, these days will be focused on the floriculture sector.


Practical days for horticulture techniques will continue

In the year 2016 Demokwekerij Westland organises practical days about cultivation and horticulture techniques for students, horticulture entrepreneurs and employees. Delegations from the Netherlands but also from far outside the country are visiting us with differing subjects; from water techniques to the boiler house, and from  screening and coatings to logistic means.

In march 2016 we have organised practical days for Lentiz MBO Greenport and InHolland on the area of:

  • Water technology and irrigation
  • Crop protection Spraying techniques
  • Light and climate sensors, measuring and analysing in the greenhouse

Through explanation and practical assignments various technical companies had accompanied in sharing knowledge on the practical days and we want to thank them for that!


Bean cultivation as practical assignment

In one of the research departments in Demokwekerij Westland a practical assignment is executed by first year students of MBO Greenport. 9 students started accompanied by two ex-growers 2 bean cultivations.

At the beginning of February the students started with setting up the cultivation. The students needed to carry out the cultivation; putting cuttings on cultivation mats, installing drippers and tensioning wires. Besides that they also set up a LED trial in the research department. The first results of the trial showed that there are more beans on the plant but it grows much slower than the other race of beans.

Sem van Kester is one of the students who works on the bean project and is very enthusiastic about this project: “It’s a good project, especially for us first year students that we do this quite early in the study year is really good. We learn a lot about the cultivation, but the trial we do with LED light’s is very interesting.”

On the 23 rd of March the first beans were harvested by the students. the other beans they expect to harvest around the 10 th of April. For the sale the students have made a deal with Boeregoed which are going to sell the beans in their shops.IMG_0747 (2)




‘Relation of Demokwekerij Westland’

Each month we have a rubric in our newsletter: ‘Relation of Demokwekerij Westland’. In the rubric we ask clients, relations, visitors and/or users of Demokwekerij Westland for their opinion and movements to work together with Demokwekerij Westland.

This month; Frank van de Helm of Hogeschool InHolland

Can you give a short description of the company you work for:
The education Horticulture and Agribusiness of InHolland was created from the Higher horticulture school, which was situated at the Brasserskade, and before that in Dordrecht and Utrecht. An education with a long tradition, which has found a space within the discipline of Agri and Life Science of InHolland; a much bigger and broader school. This offers good possibilities for innovative ideas and less obvious cooperation’s; like the development of a drone scout in the greenhouse by aviation students.

What do you think about the role of Demokwekerij Westland concerning the newest developments in the Dutch horticulture sector?
I think that the Dutch horticulture sector benefits from a wide offer of research possibilities and that Demokwekerij has a good position within this. What I like a lot is the strong interaction with business life. Also the demonstration of technical products is a nice billboard for the Dutch horticulture suppliers.
Frank vd helm
How long does InHolland and their students research at Demokwekerij Westland and what are the movements to become a participant? InHolland already rents long term facilities at Demokwekerij for practical education, I don’t know exactly how long. The education is not really big and getting our own greenhouse and maintaining it is much more expensive than renting it. for a few years Demokwekerij and Inholland are doing projects/tests together. It turned out that, for students but also for the teachers, this is a nice way to learn and it also contributes to solutions for questions and innovations in practice. This gives extra motivation with the students, and the students receive extra speciality knowledge from the business live and the costs can go down, a win-win situation.

How do you see the developments with the new to build Demokwekerij building?
I haven’t seen much yet about the new building, but the artist impression of the plans look good. It’s a shame that it’s further away from me, which means I need to cycle further.

Have you got a nice anecdote/ funny occurrence?
Once a group of students gave a presentation at the end of a trial they have done together with Demokwekerij, the presentation was really bad, though the tests were done well. Jeroen Sanders (researcher at Demokwekerij and helped the students) told them that the presentation was bad. A year later these students were there again for a different test and the presentation was good. Its nice to see that one bad presentation has been a really important learning moment.

Training and practical days at Demokwekerij Westland

Companies, schools and knowledge institutions know how to find Demokwekerij Westland for training and education within the horticulture sector. For Dutch people, but also for groups outside the Netherlands Demokwekerij Westland organises training days with regularity about cultivation and cultivation techniques. The content and period is established with consultation with the group; the period could vary from half a day to multiple days or weeks, and sometimes even a few months. The content is mostly about the crop, the cultivation and the needed cultivation technologies like: water technique, cultivation systems, logistics, light, warmth technique, crop protection and climate.

In the first two months of 2016 we have already created various interesting programs like:

  • Practicum days for Lentiz MBO2 about cultivation and technique
  • Training days about water technology and crop protection for HBO students
  • 2 training weeks for a Chinese delegation of agriculture institute Henan Zhengzhou City
  • Horticulture workshop for Clusius college from Hoorn,
  • A one week training for Gansu university from China.

Clusius College
On Wednesday 10 of February Clusius College from Noord-Holland was on a horticulture study visit at Demokwekerij Westland. For the group a special lesson program was put together, existing from an extensive tour past all the technical appliances and various workshop rounds. The students worked in groups during the workshops, they were asked to bring into map the water circle for vegetables, flowers and plant nurseries, they needed to think about how to equip a whole cultivation department, and they were asked how they see the greenhouse of the future.

Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China)
From 23 till 29th of February Demokwekerij Westland received a delegation from China for a training program about climate control, crop protection, tomato cultivation, greenhouse constructions and cultivation technology. In cooperation with Lentiz course and consult this training program was created with a combination of theory, practicum and various excursions. Through this way we want to thank the following companies for receiving us: Van der Knaap Honeywell, Priva, Holstein Flowers, Kwekerij Zwethlande and Boal Systems.



Demokwekerij Westland provides various national and international educational, practical days and training programs for students, horticulture entrepreneurs and employees. Are you interested in what you read here? Do you have a question or idea and can we do something for you? Please contact us at 0174-385600 or

Students InHolland follow practical study day at Demokwekerij Westland

Fifteen students of InHolland, that do a horticulture study and that work daily in various greenhouses visited Demokwekerij Westland on the 16th of December for a practical study day about spraying techniques. Inholland teach these students during the theory lessons everything about diseases, plagues and crop protection in the horticulture sector, and with this study day at Demokwekerij Westland they find the wanted connection between theory and practicum.

After a short explanation about the available spraying techniques and of course the safety rules the students started with using the spraying techniques, under supervision, in a tomato and Gerbera crop. The did research to the rich spraying angles, speed and coverage and they have worked with various spraying nozzles, back sprays, spraying pistols, spraying masks and filters (made possible by royal Brinkman) Inholland and their students and Demokwekerij Westland are looking back to a successful practical study day and agreed with each other to organize more of these days.

Inholland1 (2)

From IDC project to continues robotics counter

On the 10th of December 2015, under great interest, IDC event Robotics in the Horticulture sector found place at Demokwekerij Westland. Interesting speakers, various workshops and discussions between growers, researchers and suppliers set the tone for this event. 

At the beginning of 2014 IDC (Innovation Demonstration Centre) Robotics was started and in the last 2 years it has welcomed hundreds of visitors and dozens of questions from growers were received. At the moment IDC is working on 14 concrete innovation projects, including a robot application for sorting eggplants, sorting yucca stems and automatic binding of Ficus plants. On the event the various IDC projects were presented and new robotic technologies were demonstrated.  “With a high attendance, interesting new questions and the right discussions we can conclude that the subject of Robotics is an important subject and it’s on the agenda of a lot of growers”, says Roy Wubben project leader of IDC Robotics
idc1 (2)









New platform in development
At the end of 2015 IDC …… but a new platform for robotics is already in development. With this platform Demokwekerij Westland (and other initiators of IDC; TU Delft and TNO) wants to bring growers and suppliers closer together so they can discuss the factor labour, development of robotics and promote mechanization and automatization (combining usefulness and necessity). This platform takes care of the translation between grower and technical supplier and vice versa. If it was up to Demokwekerij Westland there will be a
sequel. “We think about a platform where businesses become a member of the platform, the first thought about the platform are already there, ant the event has given us extra insights and over the coming period the platform will be concretized”.

Worldwide Position
According to Martijn Wisse, professor Biorobotcs at TU Delft (and speaker on the event) we are, as the Netherlands, big in the world as a food export county, but were also big in food process machines, wherein more is becoming robotized. From TU Delft 150 till 160 researchers are working every day on robotics in various labs and this is for The Netherlands and Westland a big opportunity. We have a high-quality high-tech position and a good position in the horticulture sector, according to Martijn Wisse we can expand this worldwide and become the leaders in this sector.


Voor meer informatie:
Demokwekerij Westland
Roy Wubben
Zwethlaan 52
2675LB Honselersdijk

Peet van Adrichem looks back at the year 2015

Just after Christmas it’s a good time to have a look back at last year. The year 2015 has gone by really quickly with a lot of meetings, courses, tours and a lot more activities.

Last year we’ve been really busy with the realisation of the new Demokwekerij Westland facility, what will be built on the undeveloped site at Flora Holland. This year we’ve been busy with the financial challenges, the look of the building, how the companies can cooperate with each other and so on. We have inventoried which companies have interest, and luckily there’s a lot of enthusiasm for the ambitious plan and everyone is positive. Next year the build of the combi building will be started, and in April 2017 the greenhouses will be built.  demo200

This year we have welcomed a fair few new participants at Demokwekerij Westland. The enthusiasm to become a participant of Demokwekerij Westland is increasing and this fits perfectly with the ambition to make a permanent demonstration area for horticulture technique and suppliers, which will be reflected in the new demonstration building.

In the research departments of Demokwekerij a lot of research has been done in various crops. The research project Futagrow is a good example from a successful research, it’s our biggest and longest ongoing research and next year we will bring this system into businesses. What is of course worth mentioning is the nomination of Futagrow for the Herman Wijffels Innovation prize, which was the crown on all the hard work we’ve done. Despite that we didn’t win the nomination on its own is already something we can be proud of.

Our third pillar; Sharing Knowledge has increased this year. The cooperation between Demokwekerij Westland and various knowledge institutions have become more intensive.  A lot has happened as well with sharing knowledge around the subject of robotics. On the 10th of December an event was held because of the end of IDC Robotica, with more than 100 visitors this was a successful event. Next year we will continue with Robotics and we will work on various projects around the subject of Robotics.

The amount of visitors hasn’t grown this year, it is as steady as last year. What we did notice was that there were more international visitors this year than previous years.

Thereby we’ve been really busy with setting up Demokwekerij International, because of the many visitors we get we saw that the interest in peetthe Horticulture sector has been increased on an international level. More and more parties find Demokwekerij Westland and are interested in the training and courses we offer. Next year we expect to roll out a few projects in; China, Vietnam, Canada and Colombia.

From the whole Demokwekerij-team I want to thank all of our relations for the corporation in 2015 and I wish everyone a healthy and innovative 2016!

Peet van Adrichem
Director Demokwekerij Westland

Periodic tuning at meeting for participants

On Tuesday November 10 the participants meeting found place at Demokwekerij Westland. On the basis of the three diciplines; demonstration, research and sharing knowledge, the participants got updates about the latest developments.

After a review on the year 2015, we looked forward to the year 2016. Important subjects this afternoon where Demokwekerij 2.0, researches and Demokwekerij International. The new participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group through a short presentation. After a tour through various research departments, a harvest robot for eggplants was showed in IDC Robotica. The participants went home with new information and a new ideas.Participantenverg participantenvergaderingg

International visit for education

A Chinese delegation from Qingdao, one of the harbour cities in the east of China, followed on November 11 an educational program at Demokwekerij Westland. The day program was part of a weekly program coordinated by Kenlog. The participants learned on this day everything about practical crop protection by Jeroen Sanders of Demokwekerij Westland.

The group got in the morning a lesson about crop protection, whereby they learned about diseases and plaques, how you can fight this and what they can do to the plants. At one research cabin the participants were asked to scout insects in the crop.CTipG1GUAAI61lj

The delegation also visit 2 companies on this day; Relab den Haan and Ter Laak Orchids. The delegation learned at Relab den Haan everything about plant diseases but also about research with water and ground. At Ter Laak Orchids they learned about crop protection in practice.

Demokwekerij Westland provides national and international various educational and practical days and training programs for students, horticulture entrepreneurs and- employees. Are you interested in what you read here? Do you have a question or idea and can we do something for you? Please contact us at 0174-385600 or