Demokwekerij Westland’s vision is that there should be work being done to innovate and to keep the horticulture sector healthy.”

To do this Demokwekerij is busy with practical research, technical demonstrations and sharing knowledge. Demokwekerij Westland is the link between the Business world, education and research, and for promotion and progress of the Dutch Horticulture, in Holland but also worldwide.

Demokwekerij Westland aims to, within 5 years, be a big part as the horticulture innovation centre of Holland in the area of applicable innovations in horticulture. While working in a practical way at processes, technics, and anything else for the grower of tomorrow. We bring innovative suppliers closer to the growers which means that the suppliers produce products the grower wants. Demokwekerij Westland keeps, with practical knowledge, determination and through cooperation, the horticulture on top level.