Demokwekerij Westland offers several different facilities for individual groups to organise meetings. Would you like to change the setting for your meeting, organise a meeting or take part in a tour around the nursery? We can offer you numerous possibilities and are ready to help you with any request. You can find our possibilities below.


Roos                      .                      .

Demokwekerij Westland has a conference room; de Roos. The room is suitable for a maximum of 6 persons.


Meeting room

Demokwekerij Westland offers a cozy meeting room, which is suitable for max. 14 persons.

The meeting room features:
• Beamer + projection screen
• Airconditioning
• Internet connection upon request


presentatie-2Presentation room

The presentation room is built on the idea of an old gardener barn. It’s possible, by its flexible wall, to combined this room with the orchid plaza. The presentation room is ideal for courses and classes, giving lectures and organizing workshops for larger groups and features:

• Beamer + projection screen
• Air-conditioning
• Internet connection upon request.


Arena                      .

The Arena (lecture hall) is very suitable for giving lessons, speeches, readings and forum discussions. the chairs in the room are in a cinema setup. The arena is suited for a maximum of 50 people.
The arena features:
• Beamer + projection screen


Square                      .

The Square is an open space where groups can get together for a drink, lunch, dinner buffet or coffee. This space is also used for break out sessions during a meeting.


Orchid Plazammmmm

Orchid Plaza is a plaza, shielding by a wall of glass, where groups can meet for coffee, lunch, buffet dinner or drinks. In this room is a coffee corner and a nice pond.
This space is next to the presentation room and therefore very suitable to reserve simultaneously.


We offer a full service, through various catering options like coffee, tea, lunches, warm / cold buffets and of course the possibility to end your meeting with a beverage. If you require a different or specific service, please do not hesitate to ask.

Capacity per room


The Horticultural world is rich with new techniques and innovations. Would you like to find out what opportunities and innovations are useful to your business? We welcome you to join our tour around the nursery. Next to the different stands from our participating companies, the tour will show several researches in progress. A tour takes about an hour and a half.

For more information call: +31 (0) 174-385600