‘Relation of Demokwekerij Westland’

Participant in de spotlights…

Each month we have a rubric in our newsletter: ‘Relation of Demokwekerij Westland’. In the rubric we ask clients, relations, visitors and/or users of Demokwekerij Westland for their opinion and movements to work together with Demokwekerij Westland.


This month; Maurice Verbakel, Boal Systems

Can you give a brief description of your organization:

With an innovative and international character BOAL Systems develops and produces extruded aluminium profiles.

What do you think of the role of Demokwekerij Westland acoording to the current developments in the Dutch horticulture?

BOAL Systems is proud to be affiliated with all other participants in the Demokwekerij. As a whole, we promote a large amount of knowledge and technology in the region where high-quality Dutch horticulture has its origins. Therefore Demokwekerij plays an important role to show the Dutch greenhouse sector. For each type of visitor there is information available and it gives the opportunity to get in touch with involved parties. In the future, it is important that Demokwekerij continue to promote new developments to national and international visitors of our region.

What was the main motivation for BOAL Systems to join as a participant and what do visitors find at your booth?

As a supplier of a substantial part of the greenhouse, the aluminum construction, we do not always get in direct contact with the users of it. This interaction often lies in the hands of our customers; the greenhouse builders. For us therefore it´s important to participate in the Demokwekerij, to present our systems for both audiences and to clarify our role in this innovative sector.

Our booth is spacious and shows several demo models of our decking systems. We have a wide range of different systems, a selection of the most common systems set up in the booth. For the new location of the Demokwekerij we will classify our stand again and we are hoping for a nice place inside the building.

How do you see the developments of the new Demokwekerij?

Full of anticipation we look forward to the realization of the new Demokwekerij at the location Greenport Westland Horticulture Campus. The role of Demokwekerij is certainly important, at a central location in Westland where teaching and suppliers specializing in horticulture conduct their activities.

Have you got a nice anecdote/ funny occurrence?
Maurice: “This summer we gave a pitch in the Demokwekerij to a few Australian growers. Rare to see, but outside it was at 30 degrees and almost no wind. As a result, the temperature rose quickly in the greenhouse on high. The presentation went and concise, and there was soon a great conversation going on with the growers. It was funny to see that an Australian, used to the higher Australian temperatures, felt quickly at home inside Dmeokwekerij Westland (although he puffed quite a bit;-)


Crop protection days

On 21, 22 and 27 September there is an interesting program with various topics focusing on floriculture

The crop protection days will be organised in cooperation with Horticoop, Van Iperen, Brinkman and various suppliers of these trading companies. On 21, 22 and 27 September the crop protection days will focus on floriculture.

Beside presentations of these trading companies, various cultivation departments are visited. In this edition growers can get more information about how to control thrips, mildew and botrytis within various horticulture crops. During this knowledge days, there is enough time for growers to ask questions and have discussions with specialists of trading companies and crop protection producers. Attending one day, also counts for extending the spraying license. Signing up is possible through the trading companies.

During the crop protection days we expect around three hundred growers.
The next crop protection days, in April 2017, will be focusing on vegetable cultivation.

Want to join the crop protection days?
Each trading company has a separate day, which you can directly register via the trading company, as follows:

– Wednesday 21 september       Brinkman
– Thursday 22 september          Horticoop
– Tuesday 27 september            Van Iperen


Flynth; new participant at Demokwekerij


Year-round showroom of the Dutch horticultural sector

Flynth is market leader in horticulture and has a commitment to her customers to provide a full service package and being an all-round sparring partner. Flynth is convinced that industry specialization is essential. It’s important that a adviser and accountant throughly knows the world of the customer and exactly knows how to find their way into the network.

Flynth is highly driven to play a forward role in horticulture upon innovations and developments which are important for individual entrepreneurs but also for the total horticulture sector. Flynth doesn’t want to wait-and-see, but endeavors to be an active and initiating party, who cooperate with horticultural businesses, suppliers, research institutions and government on solutions for sustainable and profitable horticulture. Flynth has a lot of expertise about energy issues, such as geothermal, solar and (LED) illumination and is involved as advisor and accountant in crop cooperatives and various producer organizations. Guiding innovation, applying for grants and feasibility studies are also part of the broad scope of Flynth.

Participation in Demokwekerij is seen by Flynth as an important next step in strengthening its position in the network. By being a part of this group with progressive companies, who gave a high priority to innovation and collaboration, Flynth will be better able to contribute with its expertise to the improvement of the Dutch horticulture. Therefor Flynth is looking enthusiastically forward to its participation in the network of participants of Demokwekerij Westland.

Want to know more?
More information about Flynth: https://www.flynth.nl/english
Foto ondertekening Flynth

train the trainer

Indian delegation follows a training of several months..

image1A delegation from India follows a training of several months at Demokwekerij Westland. The delegation consists of future managers for all disciplines of a farm (cultivation, technology, labor). The intended result of the training is to train the future managers in such a way that they can manage a newly established nursery in India, in its broadest sense; from cultivation, to technique, engineering, sales, human resources management and other subjects.

They followed a training of 4 weeks, where theory of cultivation, plant physiology, personnel, processes, research, etc. were interspersed with practical assignements in which the trainees gain experience in self-cultivation and technical operations.

They also visited several companies and each time the translation to the situation in India was made. Practical assignments ranged of sowing vegetables (cultivation), welding / grinding / cutting of a structure, mixing fertilizer in the right concentration and picking / growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and strawberries.

The Indians have experienced these four weeks as positive and very instructive. This is also the reason that the delegation comes back in September and October 2016 for follow-up training.

Prior to the four weeks of training with the whole delegation together (July and August), the 4 breeders of the group were in The Netherlands for practical training. In about a month follows the follow-up of the training, where crop protection, fertilizer and irrigation will be topics of the third part of the training.

Gorgeous: Carnival in Venice

Flourishing cooperation between education and business!

During the 19th edition of ‘Varend Corso Westland’ we carried along with ‘MBO Westland’ through the waters of Westland and surrounding areas. Varend Corso has been an understanding for years in Westland and is a showcase for thepromotion of various local products.

We are very proud of our second prize in the category Commercial participants!

This cooperation is very promising for the future …

Compilage varend corso met witte rand