New edition crop protection days

This edition is focused on the floriculture sector..

After a successful edition in April this year, a new crop protection day, focused on the floriculture, finds place at 23, 24, 29 of September. These days are organised in cooperation with Horticoop, Van Iperen, Brinkman and various suppliers of these trading companies.

Every trading company has a separate day, whereby they give their relations the opportunity to catch up on the developments in crop protection. Next to presentations of these trading companies, various cultivation departments are visited. In this edition growers can get more information about how to control thrips mildew and botrytis within various horticulture crops. Information is shared about the grow regulation and selectivity of new insecticides.

This edition of the crop protection days find place at:gewas

  • Wednesday 23 September 2015        Van Iperen
  • Thursday 24 September 2015            Brinkman
  • Tuesday 29 September 2015             Horticoop

On these knowledge days there is enough time for growers to ask questions, have discussions with the specialists of the trading companies and crop protection producers. The crop protection days, which are focused on the floriculture sector counts for an extension of the spraying licence.

Want to join the crop protection days?
Signing up can through the trading companies mentioned above.


School started…. also at Demokwekerij!

Primary school to university , they know the way to Demokwekerij ..

Late August / early September schools have started again in the Netherlands, and that means that Demokwekerij Westland can welcome many new students. Demokwekerij Westland organizes and facilitates various training courses and practical days, all related to horticulture sector.

Lentiz MBO Greenport, MBO2
In the last School year Demokwekeirj Westland facilitated, for the first time, the practical aspect of the Lentiz Course Plant Cultivation and Agro Logistics. That course was successful last year and that is why we organise these days for this school year again. The coming 30 weeks, every Tuesday, 15 students will be at Demokwekerij Westland to learn everything about horticulture, technique, cultivation and logistics, and all this with a practical approach. The students will start various cultivations, taking care of the crops, arranging the climate and will be doing harvesting work. The technical parts are also treated through practical assignments where use of tools and materials are the core focus.

To facilitate the practical assignments a lot of materials are needed; from plant material to packing’s and from seeds to tools. Demokwekerij Westland is there for happy to report that these companies contribute to this education: Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, Modiform, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen, Bayer CropScience, Royal Brinkman, MTS Batist Pot en Perkplanten, Enza zaden, Van Den Bos Flowerbulbs, Bernard Sanders Aandrijftechniek, van Iperen, Revaho, Jiffy and Potplantenkwekerij Sjaloom.

Inholland and Lentiz MBO Greenport, have set up together, a training program ‘cultivation expert’. Demokwekerij Westland serves as a training location and a number of training days got filled substantively. In this program the following topics are central in the course: cultivation technique, lighting, fertilization, climate and water. For this, several guest speakers are engaged, and various participants of Demokwekerij Westland are involved.

And further…..
In collaboration with its network Demokwekerij Westland obviously thinks about new training and education. For example, ROC Mondriaan Delft ( with the mechatronics training ) will visit Demokwekerij Westland to be informed about IDC Robotica (innovation centre, theme: Robotica) in relation to the horticulture sector.

Attention is also paid to ‘ Business for Horticulture ‘ through a training developed by HAS University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Flynth advisors and accountants BV , partners of this program are InHolland University , Horticoop , Greenhouse Grows, ABN AMRO and Rabobank. A number of meetings of this program in Business for Horticulture North and South Holland found in the academic year 2015 – 2016 place at Demokwekerij Westland.



Masterclass CO2 paprika

Much more to learn about CO2..

In the horticulture sector we need to learn to do everything with less CO2. Since year and day all over the world research of CO2 is done. There is from out of the program Greenhouse as Energysource (Kas als Energiebron, KaE) for the last ten year a strong focus on being more efficient with CO2. That’s why there is already a lot of information about it.

To help the grower with this volatile gas, 6 masterclasses are organized this fall. These masterclasses find place at Demokwekerij Westland and is for entrepreneurs and directors who are taking care for the daily cultivation. On September 25 the first Masterclass CO2 Paprika find place.

Program 25th of September (13:00 – 16:00 o’clock)
The program starts at 13:00 o’clock and ends at 16:00 o’clock. During the afternoon various specialist will share information, and growers will work on specific issues within the crop.

  • Refresh course photosynthesis by Sander Hogewoning (Plantlighting)
  • Plant balance in relation to light and CO2 by Peter Geelen (
  • Visit CO2 facility
  • Presentation research: research for efficiency CO2 taking (Plantlighting)
  • Discussion

CO2 facility
To work on a sharing knowledge with growers, growers society TTO, Demokwekerij Westland and Inno-Agro in cooperation with KaE have established together the ‘ CO2 facility’. Demokwekerij Westland works together with various partners on sharing knowledge and research in the physical space

Sign up
Would you like to sign up for the Masterclass CO2 Paprika? Contact Demokwekerij Westland at 0174-385600. (Dutch speaking participants only)


Seeds meets Technology

The event for innovation technology in the area of seeds…

On the 22, 23, 24 and 25 of September the second edition of Seeds meets Technology will take place. The event is expanding this year up to 25 companies who show their innovations to professionals in the seed sector, international buyers of seeds, producers, suppliers and growers national and international.

Seeds meets technology is the event about innovative technologies in the area of seeds. Coating systems, seed treatment trials, race assortment, automated phenotyping, seed processing, specialized software, climate control and new cultivation systems are shown.  Participants demonstrate their innovation on the trial field and in an exposition room. Initiators of this trade fair are Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, Seed Processing Holland, Leba and Incotec. New participants this year are Seminis, Prudac, Bakker Brothers, 30MHZ, Green Simplicity, Certhon, Data Technologies, Fond and Rolan Roboti cs.Seeds meets technology

Visitors of Seed Valley technology can expand their visit with visiting the open days of Pop Vriend, Bejo Zaden, Syngenta, Sakata and Hazera. For more information:

The location is central in the region Seed Vally, Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, Tolweg 13, Zwaagdijk-Oost.

Demokwekerij 2.0

More concrete plans…

Last half year we have been really busy with the new plans for the new Demokwekerij, which will rise at the undeveloped site near Flora Holland. “We work with great pleasure together with GFFX, Lentiz MBO Greenport and municipality Westland to realise this plan. With this parties we want to start up a true innovation/knowledge centre” says Peet van Adrichem director of Demokwekerij Westland.

For the Demokwekerij this means that we are going to build a new greenhouse complex for research and a permanent demonstration area where there will be a lot to see for national and international visitors. Between now and half September, the financial feasibility study is rounded off, whereupon we will sit down with our partners to see how they see the filling out of the new building. If everything goes according to plan than the build will be starting in the spring of 2016. We will keep you posted. Down below you find an impression of the new building.bouw-300x225

Business economics for the horticulture at Demokwekerij Westland

The horticulture sector is radically changed and is continuing changing: innovation in production, sales, processing, cooperation’s and internationalization. This all challenges entrepreneurs, but also business leaders, to multiple management challenges. These challenges require knowledge and skills and make greater demands on entrepreneurship.

The education ‘Bedrijfskunde voor de Tuinbouw’(business economics for the horticulture) is developed for entrepreneurs and company leaders who wants to expand their knowledge and who wants to improve their entrepreneurship and leadership. A few meetings of the education business economics for the horticulture of the study year 2015- 2016 find place at Demokwekerij Westland. This is an inspiring and practical surrounding and therefor an excellent location for sharing knowledge.

Developing yourselfFrank
“As a entrepreneur it is important to develop yourself” explains one of the participants Nicole Litjens of Nursery Litjens. “the education fits well with my daily activities. It ensures you that during the education you, on set moments, are working on a little piece of the future of your company during your daily activities.”

The education is developed by HAS Hogeschool in corporation with Flynth advisors and accountants BV. Partners of this education are Hogeschool InHolland, Horticoop, Kas Groeit, ABN AMRO and Rabobank. You can find more information through the following link: Click here.(in dutch only)

Many Innovation projects IDC Robotica at Demokwekerij

One of the research subjects at Demokwekerij Westland..

Since 2014 is IDC Robotica(innovation demo centre Robotics) an understanding at Demokwekerij Westland. in corporation with TNO and TU Delft, took Demokwekerij Westland initiative and has set up the centre. IDC Robotica is one of the six IDC’s in the Netherlands, where IDC Robotica is focused on the factor labour, mechanization and robotics opportunities in or around the nursery.

Roy Wubben, project leader of IDC Robotica tells: “IDC Robotica works as a start-up for new innovation projects. The start of one of these innovation projects is a visit of one or multiple growers (often a study club or cooperation) to IDC where on the hand of physical alignments discussions find place about labour in and around the nursery. Because of these discussion some practical questions arise which are picked up by IDC through the innovation project.

For every innovation project IDC hands a structural approach, which starts with the full process inventory on the nursery(s). than the idea development, the division of the process within automation steps, using experts (knowledge/education institutions) for the technical feasibility analysation and the set up and the implementation of small practical tests.IDC

After the first steps IDC comes with an advice based on the results and make a plan of approach and a budget for the planning and test with a demonstrator. For the last step within a innovation project, IDC brings technical companies together which can play a role in the eventual development project.

IDC is working at the moment with a lot of growers on different innovation projects, some example of the crops we work on are: Ficus, Yucca, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, hydrangeas and various flower bulbs. A few of these innovation projects have followed the full IDC approach and are at the beginning of the actual development project, which is picked up outside IDC. “Because of the big interest from the sector and various successful projects IDC is now working on the sustainability (roll out for the coming years). We call out to all the growers, technical suppliers and/or knowledge institutions who wants to be a part of this” says the project leader.

Robotics Event
IDC Robotica, the promoters and participants are organising on the first of October a big horticulture event at Demokwekerij Westland. Various research questions, innovation projects and results within the area of mechanization and robotics are presented. Save the date already in your agenda fort his interactive event. Within a short period of time we will give more details about the program and how you can sign up.

IDC Robotica is partly financed by Kansen voor West, Provincie Zuid-Holland and the European union.